Watertown-Mayer Community Ed

 Welcome to Watertown/Mayer Community Ed Tennis. 

 We will be providing tennis programs to your community through our Shorewood/Excelsior and Vcitoria/Holy Family locations.  Our #1 goal is to grow the game of tennis and to offer a pathway towards competition for all kids and adults.  SIGN UP HERE for Carlson Tennis updates in the Watertown/Mayer Community.

STARS PROGRAM (Ages 4-11) Shorewood/Excelsior or Victoria Holy Family Tennis Center
The Stars Program is our progression tennis using smaller courts and low compression balls for kids ages 4-11.  Kids progress to playing tennis at a faster rate with our systems.  Many kids move into our Competitive program at a quick rate.  All of our Stars programming will incorporate competition of some kind.  Click Here to View the Stars Program Details

COMPETITIVE PROGRAM (ages 6-18)  Victoria/Holy Family Tennis Center
Our Competitive Program is for kids who want to compete and continue to improve at more than a recreational level.  We have 7 Competitive Programs which are based on a combination of skill and age. Our goal for these programs is to have kids in multiple sessions throughout the summer competing in our Match Play opportunities.  Take a look at our program descriptions and email or call Dan with any questions.  Click here to view the Competitive Program Details

Program Locations (click on them for sign up pages):
Victoria/Holy Family Location - Stars Program (Indoor & Summer)  Competitive Program
Shorewood/Excelsior Location - Stars Program (Spring,Summer, and Fall)